I see, I see


My my, it's been a long time hasn't it? I seem to have drifted away from hatena. But that doesn't mean I haven't thought back to my animating days, haha. I do miss it, but I've been surviving pretty well, how about all of you?


It's been a year or so? I don't feel particularly changed. I wonder, does anyone else still use the other hatena softwares? I know sudomemo has been making success, but I can't seem to bring myself to use it. I'm not exactly sure why. Probably because I lost all my skill. LOL
Meaningless talking is meaningless.

Hope everyone else is making progress.




It's been a while hasn't it? I apologize for being away so long, this place has felt so empty...

I hope that those of you I still have contact with are doing well, now that it's summer I have plenty of time! 

I hope you're all fine, I hope to meet with everyone again soon.




Hello again, Hatena.

Hello everyone! It's Aqua (AquawindLugia) again! I'm writing this during school so I strongly apologize that it is rushed! ^^; It seems the wonderful world of Flipnote Hatena has come to a close. While I was not here long, the memories, friends, and improvements made will forever stay with me. I find it a strong disappointment Flipnote Hatena could not stay, but we all will keep moving forward to greater heights from here. It's the destruction of one world, and the beginning of the next. Let's look to Memo with open arms, and make even greater flipnotes than before! ^^ As for those of you who missed your chance of contact with me with FCs and such I will post it again soon. 

 I apologize if I was rambling, thank you again everyone! Let's look forward! There is no terminal called End in our lives~